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Black Dog In My Path


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mendermusic Favorite album I’ve heard in the past 5 years. I’ve been listening to this on repeat since it came out.
Gooooooood jooooobb. you made good sounds with meaning ✨🌟 Favorite track: Holy Fire.
jayjoni thumbnail
jayjoni I've had this album on repeat since mid 2019. listen straight through and never skip a song Favorite track: WTFK.
Sadie Ryanne
Sadie Ryanne thumbnail
Sadie Ryanne I'm obsessed with this record from start to finish. Beautiful music and voice, lyrics that are sad in the way that makes me smile and feel less alone. I love it. Favorite track: Holy Fire.
Sam Baguley
Sam Baguley thumbnail
Sam Baguley How good is this song!! I'm enchanted 😍 Favorite track: WTFK.
Super Super Sounds
Super Super Sounds thumbnail
Super Super Sounds I've got WTFK on repeat, its a complete curveball but so incredibly good. That weird percussion, those heavenly broken vocals...Stunning. Respect!
Art Fin
Art Fin thumbnail
Art Fin YOWLER was originally Maryn Jones' singer-songwriter side project while she was active in All Dogs and Saintseneca. This new LP is quite different from all of the above. It seems to be her main focus now with a new, fuller pop sound that has keyboards, clarinet and cello. The change is unexpected but I like it.
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Angel 03:29
Amazing grace, how have you got such a pretty face? We float around from place to place like two Heavenly Bodies I wanted to show you that I loved you the most But clumsy and blue, I just fumbled through And by your candor, big and bright, framed by a halo yellow An apple bit I can’t unbite and the voice of the angels say: “Call unto me my one in times when you strive, if only in sight of your glowing light, I want you to know that I am here. There’s a power we share. I am still here; power we share.”
Holy Fire 03:45
Holy fire from the center of the earth, take me under back to where I’ve been I’ll be underneath its shadow, standing blushing in the face of All The auburn back, and iron eyes I left my shame in the same place I go, & I’ve gone Holy fire from the center of the earth, standing mouth agape with awful care Saw the fire then engulf the space Takes me under now I won’t behave no more & I don’t
Sorrow 03:56
Ask me how did I get this far, and I’ll say “In the back of a car writing pictures of what I want, though those ghosts still continue to haunt me” And every time I’m feeling numb, I listen to Neil Young; “(We’re) all...pissing in the wind,...there ain’t nothing like a friend..” If all we are is sorrow, if all we are is dust, then what? Where do we go from here? We dream of flowers in the air But all life breathes with grief, and all they want is money So we’ll try and we’ll pray just for one more happy day And the asshole is dead while he’s sleeping in his bed If all we are is what we’ve done with this small stretch of time If all we are is what we’ve felt then I guess pain is mine And I don’t know what else to say about the corners of my mind But I just want to feel like there’s a point to all these lines So if we make it through these times, and more sorrow is all we find I hope I can at least leave something behind A small word, or a sigh, that’d be fine
I wanted to be sure of horizons in my window, big and clear And the sun still making singing in my ear But I forgot the wall is always there So now I sit in idle blankness, and a stillness I can’t take I began to think in figures instead of beauty that we’ve made & beauty’s gone. A liar spit in my ear and it turned me into nothingness, worms and fear The lie became my body, every pore As puddles form beneath me; acid sore And where is joy among these pieces that we scream into the space? Where is my gentle reason, and the light within my cave? Where have you been? Where is my light? Not blue, but green & quiet, in my mind?
Awkward 02:32
All this is awkward Oh, I guess I’ll go Oh this is awkward I think on my way home of all the things I’ve done How they offend you so How could I have known?
Aldebraran 02:32
Oh, Heavenly, wonderful and clear Where have you been? Aldebaran shines on all of us but we forget we have not the only Sun Fools made of us all How can we live as just the one? Aldebaran
WTFK 02:54
Sick fucking world, and where do I get off (where do we get off?) Drenched in a planet’s love, And she’s drowning, and I’m drowning I, eternal, Shadow Princely I’m shedding ounces of blood I appeal to know if I am real Enbarr in blood, white bread in passing I floated freely from old failing servants of God If want is evil, I’m becoming dark The skin is peeled, fill me up I wanna taste it Skin is peeled (and she’s real) Enter my blood If want is evil, I am lost in the dark Skin is peeled, fill me up I wanna taste it Wanna taste it, wanna make it stay
No 02:59
I am the Garden and the Fall With walls enough and all Like some, have known Divineness, but tasted flesh and its violence God damned the lamb, so sup on blood and marrow Like all Goddesses before, I will not be ignored A blazing sun in the heavens, I bring my quarrels and grievance But bathe so sweet, so cool and deep So come what may, the power lay I’ve got It took my pride, the sleep at night I’ve lost I fell under the sight of undeserving eyes I slipped into a spell; I felt my body swell Oh, set me free, I long to be So I spake “no”, and I let go “I am not” So now I sit as silence spits, “I am not.”
Petals 02:54
I’ll watch your hands I’m a part of your dance Sing softly the song you wrote like honey from your throat Petals fall in front of you, stick in your hair, it’s all I can do I leave undone and bend to your bow Your room is so blue I dream of its hue Once heard your old song new My shame, enflamed Undo For all I did to banish you, A mad incline is all I knew to do despite the Sun in its gown of gold I was already done I am already done
I left you in the cold I killed us with goodbye I froze inside, we died that night I was ok, I always am in the end I don’t know why my spine twists and turns my head I sleep under regret I want the flames to end, A black dog in my path
I wanted to be sure of the quiet gentle reason that I bear And the honest waves of wonder, here lay gone And in their place a sadness big and wide So as to swallow up my joy, and long may be my life This anger I can’t tame And the fire that burns inside; yeah, I’m alive So close up my eyes, cause I don’t want to see that I still feel the same after all this time In the bathroom, in the mirror, in the light Have you ever felt so bad you cannot cry? I bear the mark, I am sigil to the spirits and the sprites But I promised not to listen and stay in my life


released October 12, 2018

All songs written by Maryn Jones
Produced by Kyle Gilbride & Maryn Jones
Recorded & mixed by Kyle Gilbride at Wherever Audio in Philadelphia, PA Mastered by Josh Bonati

Maryn Jones - guitar, bass, casio, vocals
Kyle Gilbride - guitar, bass, synth, keyboard, percussion, vocals
Matt O’conke - Drums on 1, 2 & 4
Catherine Elicson - Clarinet on 8 & 9, bass on 1 & 11
Michael Cantor - Bowed guitar on 9, vocals on 1 & 3, cello on 2




YOWLER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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